Hello, When I started Vaibhava Lakshmi Pooja, I was trying really hard to get an English version of the Pooja both here at Indus Ladies and on. The Vaibhava Lakshmi vrat process starts with the salutation or paying homage to “Shree Yantra”. A devotee should bow his head to it and then apply his hands . 27 Apr Before the Puja Proper below have these items already ready beforehand to make things free flowing rather than rushing you can just read the English. Rules for observing the vrat of Vaibhava Lakshmi. Anyone viz.

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Then red flowers are also offered. On the positive side on the two occasions I did do it, Maha Lakshmi did answer my prayer. Anand September 23, at 9: I have a doubt that every week we have to read the story vaibhava lakshmi pooja vidhanam in english Sheela or only the final week. Hi ammakalasam kadapatam marichipoya, what to do next.

I read online that once you start vaibhav laxmi vrat you should do it continuously for three weeks. The vrat is observed on Fridays only and the devotee should be on a fast while observing the vrat.

Unknown March 6, at The Vaibhava Lakshmi yantram or Ashtalakshmi picture can be placed nearby for worship. Does that mean I should take a day off on Friday. Shri Ganesh Archana Mix a handful of rice with a pinch of turmeric and vermillon.

It is a popular belief that the devotees, who observe Vaibhav Lakshmi vratvidhi with sincerity and faith, achieve whatever they desire.


Email required Address never made public.

Link to Vaibhava Lakshmi Puja in English

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jai Ma lakshmi, Thank you very much dear sister for your blog, i am performing lakshmi Vrat in my store because in my house it is impossible for the time, i am inviting people to pray with me every friday, hope i am making good my vrat. Share the historical vaibhava lakshmi pooja vidhanam in english and your success story with them. Durga Roop Niranjani, Sukh-Sampattidata. Make a thick paste vaibhava lakshmi pooja vidhanam in english turmeric powder around 1 tsp full with few drops of water to form a small cone.

Or can I do udyapan on any upcoming friday? What should i do? Unknown March 23, at Then pray god to forgive if any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly we would have done during the pooja. Unknown November 28, at Give the Naivediyam to God.

Link to Vaibhava Lakshmi Puja in English | Indusladies

The devotee should have veg meal once a day or the sweet dish that is offered to the goddess, while observing the vrat. You are commenting using vaibhava lakshmi pooja vidhanam in english WordPress. Ya rakta rudhirambera Harisakhi Ya Shree Manolhadini! Close the top of the kumba pot like small vessel with a cover. Divya Chopra March 27, at Sankalpam Take a few akshathas in your hand and after uttering the sankalpam vaibhava lakshmi pooja vidhanam in english, put the akshathas in the north direction Mamopatha samastha duritha kshayadvara shri vaibhava lakshmi pooja vidhanam in english prithyartham tadev lagnam, sudinam tadeva, tarabalam chandrabalam tadeva, Vidyabalam daivabalam tadeva shri lakshmipateh angryugam smarami.

Lalita April 11, at 3: Anonymous May 17, at 5: But for me, since I work, I can start at the earliest by only 6: Now i dont know how to perform the puja can you please explain me in details from to proceed. Distribute the process of Pooja in print to everyone and share your success story as well. Resu August 4, at 4: Then the devotee should bow down to the eight incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi.


Before starting the puja, the room is cleaned and the photograph of ShriYantra, which is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, is cleaned and chandan and kumkum is applied before starting the puja.

Call some married ladies, girls to your house and let them participate in the function. I mean the physical touch itself. Can i eat anything today, like even non-veg? Post Office, Matunga, Mumbai Timings: Vaibuava let me know if i can start the fast right away or should i wait for next months before moving to new house.

Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat Vidhi

Then copper or brass kalash a pot shaped vessel containing water is placed on the spreaded rice. Pooja Vidhi Rs Is there any way to do last day pooja without ladies. You have no items in your shopping cart. I have been fasting for 2 weeks now.

Then sandalwood paste and kumkum is applied to the coconut and kalash. Soujanya Renigunta September 12, at