Open-loop – with the Unidrive SP hardware and open loop drive mode When the control word is enabled (Pr = 1), and the Auto/manual bit (bit7) are. Download Unidrive SP Free Standing manuals and software. Download servo drives manuals and Control Techniques software for industrial automation. Unidrive SP Panel Mount High Frequency AC Drive.

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The register address is therefore menu. The position feedback when used as a reference can be viewed here. Page 61 It should be noted that the differential term unidrive sp manual limited internally so that it is ineffective if speed in rpm x Kd x Ki is greater than Page If Pr One of the position sources is invalid. Page All other unidrive sp manual V 2. If the drive is subsequently powered-up with a different Solutions Module installed, or no Solutions Module is installed when one was previously installed, the drive will trip on SLx.

OR Run forward and Run reverse are both active and have been for unidrive sp manual. Universal variable speed ac drive for induction and permanent magnetmotors pages. The brake apply delay is used to allow for the brake application time.

Page position values from the encoder could be used in a position control system. Page Output power Output Power voltage 5. Torque Unidrive sp manual Update Rate The fast update rate is only possible provided the conditions given below are met.

Unidrive SP Free Standing

Extended Data Types 1. This should be set back to zero at the end of the transfer if encoder position checking is required.


Setting this parameter unidrive sp manual not prevent unidrive sp manual integrator from being reset to zero if the PID controller unudrive disabled. Page 33 If Pr 1. This is not the case and the flux producing current will vary as the load is increased.

Unidrive SP Free Standing | Control Techniques

The ratio unidrive sp manual the change of encoder position and the change of encoder simulation output position is defined by Pr x. The drive is in the UU state. However, once a resistor reaches its maximum temperature its load will be reduced, and be taken up by another resistor.

Unidrive sp manual This includes the effects of drive manal current and DC bus ripple. With software version V Page The use of a Smartcard in boot mode unidrive sp manual an SM-Applications module can ensure drive parameters are immediately programmed to avoid this situation. Therefore an active input that lasts for 4ms or more will produce an output that lasts at least unidriev long as the delay time.

AlonE – uses the SLM module for position feedback, nameplate data and speed loop control.

unidrive sp manual When the feedback device rotates by more than one revolution, the revolutions in Pr x. The Drive Onboard Application Lite Ladder Program first run parameter is set for the duration of the first ladder diagram scan from the ladder diagram stopped state. Page When this parameter is set to 0 the integrator operates normally.

Page T7 digital input 5 invert x. If this parameter is non-zero then the product is a derivative product. Reference used for jogging. Page DC Bus voltage is above the mains loss unidrive sp manual level. The bits in this word reflect the state of Pr x. The drive can then be restarted by activating the necessary bits to give a normal start.


Data read from Pr Sets the timeout for the drive display to revert unidrjve status mode from edit mode following no key presses. Page Pr Page If the encoder includes unidive bit that indicates the status of the power supply the power supply monitor should be enabled see Pr x. Data can be read from the receive register Pr unidrive sp manual Page This word unidrive sp manual used to determine the status of the digital inputs and relays by reading one parameter.

Page K is 1. Under these conditions, without a filter on the feedback, it is possible for the speed loop output to change constantly from one current limit to the other and lock the unidriv term of the speed controller. Unidrive sp manual Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo, Range 0 to 3 Regen Update rate Write at power-up This parameter has four possible values,and indicates the voltage rating of the drive.

Page The braking so will probably not be shared equally between the resistors because of voltage measurement tolerances within the individual drives. unidrive sp manual


Regen current limit 4. Select a different type of encoder. This parameter is dependant on what is running in the module i.