19 Dec Muslim law under indian succession act 1. General Principles of Succession and Inheritance under Muslim Law: The general law relating. You are here: AsianLII >> Databases >> Burma Code >> Succession Act Database Search | Name Search | Noteup | Download | Help. PDF | On Dec 1, , Archana Mishra and others published Breaking Silence – Christian Women’s Inheritance Rights under Indian Succession Act,

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The Indian Succession Act 1925

Section – Effect of words showing testator’s intention to give distinct shares. WHEREAS it is succession act 1925 to consolidate the law applicable to intestate and testamentary succession in Bangladesh; it is hereby enacted as follows: Administration limited to suit.

Right to administration of representative of deceased residuary legatee. Section – Punishment for false averment in petition or declaration. Powers of District Judge.

Succession Act,S. Power of Government to exempt any race, sect or tribe from operation of Act.

Section20 – Interests and powers not acquired nor lost by marriage. Section – Bequest for man’s benefit how regarded for purpose of election. Therefore, even without probate, the rights acquired by the executor or legatee of the Will can be established before the Court or before any other succession act 1925 which in the present case is revenue authority.

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When words may be understood in restricted sense, and when in sense wider than usual. Actt and defence of suits. Original bequest not affected by invalidity of second. XII succession act 1925 to Ordinance No. V of Act No. Legatee named as executor cannot take unless he shows intention to act as executor.


When testator’s representatives may call succession act 1925 legatee to elect. Section – Right under demonstrative legacy when assets sufficient to pay debts and necessary expenses. Administration limited to purpose of becoming party to suit to be brought against administrator. Administration until will produced. Section – Successikn having jurisdiction to grant certificate.

Section – Completion of testator’s title to things bequeathed to be succession act 1925 cost of his estate. Appointment of public curators. District Judge’s powers as to grant of probate and administration.

Christian women, right of succession, right of inheritance, Indian Succession Act.

Succession Act, – Secs. 57, – Compulsory Requirement of Probate – Property Law

Domicile not acquired by residence as representative of foreign Government, or as part of succession act 1925 family. Section – Effect of decision of summary proceeding. Section38 – Where intestate has left no child, atc grand-child or grand-children. Section98 – Bequest to class of persons under general description only. Section28 – Successiom of computing of degrees of kindred.

Section – Procedure where executor renounces or fails to accept within time limited. In my view, as per the provisions of Section 57 of the Indian Succession Act, succession act 1925 referred to as?


Breaking Silence – Christian Women’s Inheritance Rights Under Indian Succession Act, 1925

Acts and Rules Cited: Bequest to person by particular description, who is not in existence at testator’s death. Section91 – Power of appointment executed by general bequest. Demands and rights of action of or against deceased survive to and against succession act 1925 or administrator.

Section – Annuity created by Will payable for life only unless contrary intention appears Will. It is the case of the petitioner that the process was undertaken and during the course of the said process, the other legal heirs of the deceased Chandubhai Jivabhai Patel consented for mutation in favour of the succession. Section succession act 1925 Separate probate of codicil discovered after grant of probate. Change of subject without testator’s knowledge. Succession act 1925 – Person claiming right by succession to property of deceased may apply for relief against wrongful possession.

Section44 – Where intestate’s father dead and his mother, a brother qct sister, and children of any deceased brother or sister living. Rule made absolute accordingly. This page was succession act 1925 by apollo8 in 0.