The original book that launced a million SHEs, Sidetracked Home Executives from pigpen to paradise is finally an e-book! Pam Young and Peggy Jones were . Sidetracked Home Executives has ratings and reviews. Denise said: I discovered there’s actually a name for people like me. People who lose trac. They began this journey in with the book Sidetracked Home Executives from Pigpen to Paradise. In this book, they tell the story of how they searched for .

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Outlook seems to have the ability to do everything the card box would do, but easier and without adding more clutter from the box and index cards.

I haven’t implemented the card system that they show in the book, but have used their method of decluttering. I appreciated the balance struck in this book, and the knowledge that the authors were not “Born Paardise people, but instead were “Sidetracked Home Executives,” who were finally fed up with what their lives had become.

Overall it had really good suggestions and ideas of how to declutter and organize your life. So what’s my problem?

Add morning sickness to that equation and I am getting my bootie kicked! But the more I read the more I recognized a bit of myself. This is a great book.

People who chronically procrastinate, can be extremely organized in some ways but suck at housekeeping, and are never on time.


Feel the peace of knowing paradisee checkbook is balanced and in the black. This review has been hidden because it sidetracked home executives from pigpen to paradise spoilers. It only takes 21 days for a specific action to become a habit so just keep adding positive actions till they become habits and use the system in this book to help you along remembering that you didn’t become a train wreck overnight and you will also not fgom organized overnight either.

From Pigpen to Paradise Peggy A. What she sidetraked lack is direction. Dishes and laundry have to be done regularly to survive but there are many jobs that we look at from across the room and wonder when we’ll have time to get to those.

I think this is going to take longer for me to digest and apply I’m not a fan of sidetracked home executives from pigpen to paradise writing style, but I did glean one good idea from this book: The authors were very entertaining and I could relate to them well. These are real women struggling with real issues. A card file would have a similar effect.

They discuss upgrading to a computer system paraidse index cards and clarify the potential pitfalls with I read my mother-in-law’s copy of this book long ago and was intrigued by the elaborate index card system they describe for staying on top of the housework. Once the reset happens, I sidetracked home executives from pigpen to paradise myself going back to paper and pen. It’s probably not fair for me to rate this book, because I didn’t finish it.


Sidetracked Home Executives: From Pigpen to Paradise

I have always always always kept a balanced checkbook, to the penny. A quick and humorous read, but I agree that the card system seems cumbersome.

I’ve set up the system, and with a few modifications of my own, am using it successfully. May 16, Anna G.

Sidetracked Home Executives: From Pigpen to Paradise

If you get into routines, this will help you understand how and why this type of cleaning approach is helpful. Oct 08, Julia rated fdom really liked it Recommends it for: Nope, her sister did the 4 and called her back and joked that she’d torn up the card. The fairly anal system that they ultimately prescribe isn’t the only part of it that is motivating although the system can be discouraging in its complexity of getting it all set up, sidetracked home executives from pigpen to paradise.

Plus, these ladies are hilarious. It’s a brand new idea for me, and it’s really keeping me organized! I couldn’t find a pen, so I went to my purse. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Anyone who needs a schedule of house tasks.