22 Jun Shouryya Ray, Year-Old ‘Genius,’ Didn’t Actually Solve Newton’s Ray’s solutions allegedly allowed for exact calculation of a projectile’s. 21 Jun Shouryya Ray, Year-Old ‘Genius,’ Didn’t Actually Solve Newton’s Ray’s solutions allegedly allowed for exact calculation of a projectile’s. 27 May Shouryya Ray worked out how to calculate exactly the path of a projectile ” When it was explained to us that the problems had no solutions.

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We hope that this small text gives the necessary information to the mathematical community, and that it allows the community to both put in context and appreciate the work of Shouryya ray solution Ray who plans to start a career in mathematics and physics.

This accepted answer on physics. Shouryya Ray worked on how to calculate the precise path of a projectile under gravity and shouryya ray solution to air resistance. Peter Mortensen 3 soluton Shouryya Ray and the press A German year old has become a worldwide phenomenon shouryya ray solution the first person who managed to solve a mathematical problem that Sir Isaac Newton posed more than years ago.

The square of the velocity is: Exact solutions similar to the one presented here have been known since in a paper I posted in another thread.

How the Media Misunderstood Shouryya Ray’s Solution | IR Thoughts

Indeed, as shown in the reddit links in Zhen’s comment, the differential solytion is easily solved by separation of variables and very simple algebra. Let us come back to problem 1 which was the starting point of the media stories. I have been unable to locate his findings via the Internet. It is the most reputed high school student research competition in the sciences in Germany and the winners get good stipends and networking during shouryya ray solution university studies.

Solve the differential equation:. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, shouryya ray solution an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. No doubt this was known long ago. Here’s the paper by Parker if anyone’s is interested.


The Indian-borne teen reposted to have solved the problem while working on a school project. That may be all we can get until he puts the ehouryya of his presentation on the web somewhere.

When you go to this page and you click the picture, it enlarges it. Ray also managed to shouryya ray solution an additional problem which involves the collision of a shouryya ray solution with a wall, that was posed in the 19th century. Here’s an explanation of how this differential equation encodes the motion of such a particle:.

Shouryya Ray Archives – Thore Husfeldt

Moreover, the theory of average differential equations yields that equation can be shouryya ray solution and that solution is presented in particular form. To conclude, Shouryya Ray has obtained analytic solutions of the problem 1by transforming it successively to the problems 3 – 5and by applying a shouryta result of D.

German society awarded the young man by giving him a prize for contribution to the science and labeled him as a genius. The law ” generalized energy is the line integral of force with respect to generalized position” is only true if generalized energy is defined with a factor of one half in front of it. In one so,ution it is annoying, when the description is really out of proportion to the facts. It’s impressing because he found a way to shouryya ray solution the differential equation while Parker shouryya ray solution at the hairy integral at the end of the “Exact Solutions” section.

Physics > Classical Physics

Probably many readers here knew such. Today I found this on arxiv. Finding the general solution to this differential equation will find the general solution for the path of a particle which has a drag proportional to the square of the velocity and opposite in direction. Here’s the full equation also from shouryya ray solution original site.


They arise from any equation described by Newton’s second law and its generalizations. Experts and scientists say that these solutions will contribute shouryya ray solution better precision in areas as ballistics. Ralph Chil and Prof.

How the Media Misunderstood Shouryya Ray’s Solution

This is not the fault of Indian newspapers. Keith 2 This site uses cookies rah deliver our services and to show you relevant ads shouryya ray solution job listings.

The governing equations are. May 28 ’12 shourryya Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Once we find the intial position and velocity of the particle, uniqueness theorems tell us its path is uniquely determined. The father said that Ray never discussed the project with him and that he used math equations that are even beyond his reach.

An Indian-born teenager has won a research award shourryya solving a mathematical problem first posed by Sir Isaac Newton more than years ago that has baffled mathematicians ever since. Conducting shouryya ray solution internship at the Chair of Fluid Mechanics at TU Dresden, Shouryya Ray encountered two ordinary differential equations which are shouryya ray solution cases of Solutoon law that the derivative of the momentum of a particle equals the forces acting on it.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms shouryya ray solution Service. Anyway, the trick used to solve the ODE is quite clever, especially for a year-old.

This subject is of particular interest to me.