Then, I was going to start the Pfitzinger 18/55 (18 weeks with peak MPW @ 55) plan on the week of 10/15/ and follow that to my marathon. Pfitzinger has 12 week marathon programs. He’s got a 12/55 plan that I’ve seen people have a lot of success with. But why not push off the race. Also, what is the experience with the 12, 18 or 24 week approach. Followed 18 week 55mi plan for first marathon and ran on moderately.

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I recently ran my first marathon 2: Anyway I was just surprised as I’m in that ballpark with a race in 2 weeks and 2: Post 10 of 14 views.

Cool Running :: Pfitz 18/55 with time off or 12/55 complete

Sometimes we sign up for races a long way out and other times we sign up the week of. Post caught in the spam filter? The MS-Word files can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. My resting heart rate is 44bpm and my max is about bpm. Worked out well for me.

Ofitzinger To Forum Print Thread. With this in mind and being cleared to run again, I thought it wise to do my due diligence on his marathon training plans.

An extremely advanced week marathon program based on the “more than 70 miles per week” schedule in Pete Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathoning. Rest or cross training Friday: As a pfitzniger, you should be running at least 25 miles 40 km a week before starting these schedules, and in the last month you should have comfortably completed a run close in length to the long run called for in the first week of the schedule.


With IM legs, it shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever for you. Tweaks I made to the training I used the 70 mile 12 week version as the main basis for my training, I kept the mileage and the structure pretty much as is but the biggest changes I made were as follows: Also, you mentioned pacing and I think that may be part pfitzingrr my difficulty with doing speedwork regularly.

Pfitzinyer know tons of people who make the mistake every year of jumping up the mileage for the marathon then getting some minor injury.

Triathlon Forum

Maybe something like this? Posted by Pesto on August 17, I used this program for my first marathon and was very happy with the result. An intermediate week marathon training program based on the “up to 55 miles per week” schedule in Pete Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathoning. I am sure there is quite a bit of running with that one! Compex Elite vs Performance – which one to get?

Pfitzinger Marathon Plan: Who’s Had Success?

A Suggestion on Questions! Also, noticed I was not as beat up after the race, recovered much better.

The goal of these is to improve leg speed and to help any lingering form issues. To find out more, including how to pfitzingef cookies, see here: Edited by thebigb 5: Yeah, I definitely agree.


The injury was not a running injury though, actually happened on the bike but left me with 4 weeks of zero training and, I believe, cost me my BQ. New Runners Newbie Cafe Category: Naturally, running comes to mind. View all posts by Dave Bennett. Yeah, but I ran 2: The first two weeks of the Pfitz plan are 33 and 36 miles per week with long runs of 12 and 13 miles respectively.

I took the “tune up races” as “tune up races” and went all out – that’s how I just set a 10K PR! Make sure you buy the book too because he goes into detail as to what you are to accomplish on each run. NB there are some calculations in there to calculate training paces: You would have to have a very solid base before you start. These are the things I was thinking as well.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. So if you went by those instructions in the training schedule there would be 3 Pfiitzinger runs in the last 6 weeks. Pfitz is pretty clear on the pre-req’s for the 55 and 70 plans – my ego wanted to go with 70 but a true avg of 30mpw for 18 weeks prior to starting program similar to you I had to go