(check box). Master Bill of Lading: with attached underlying Bills of Lading. CUSTOMER ORDER INFORMATION. CUSTOMER ORDER NUMBER. # PKGS. Estes Express Lines My Estes Login. Enter your username and password to log in to My Estes. You must be logged in to My Estes to use this application. Please Bill of Lading; Claims Filing/Inquiry; Image Retrieval/Viewing; Invoice Inquiry. Estes has the forms and instructions you need to ship anywhere in the world. Get a Bill of Lading, Claims Form, Certificate of Origin and more. Estes Express Lines. My Estes · Contact Us · Careers · About Us · Learn about our 85 years of.

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The Pickup Lsding collects the information needed in order for you to schedule a pickup associated with the Bill of Lading BOL that you are creating.

My Estes Bill of Lading

This information will be relayed to our dispatch team so that they can inform the driver of your comments. Email and Fax Notifications. This takes you to estes express bill of lading “Create BOL” application, where you can make any necessary edits and save the template for future estes express bill of lading. All shipments from Canada to the U. Additionally, you can select your role via the drop-down box to indicate who you are in regards to this shipment. If the shipment was manufactured outside of the U.

Keep in mind that some of these options may require additional fees, and you should also specify this information in the accessorial section of the BOL. Complete this form if you’d like to authorize Estes to file EEI on your behalf. If the shipment was manufactured outside the U. Customers who prefer to submit their own EEI don’t need to complete this form. Shipping Forms From U.


Estes – Forms Library

Requester Information In the Requester Information section, the originator should fill out the contact information so that we have your information on record in the event we need to contact you about the pickup. You can download this form eates the Forms Library estes express bill of lading the Mexico section.

Default If you use the same setting each time that you schedule a pickup, you can click the button, and the information currently on screen will be saved for each time you return. You can also edit or update your template by clicking the “Edit Template” button.

For example, selecting the “Liftgate required at pickup” option will notify our dispatch estes express bill of lading that the truck being sent to your location will need to have that required equipment in order to load your shipment.

For a detailed explanation of each item, as well as other special services and conditions, see our Estes express bill of lading Tariff [PDF]. While creating a new BOL, you can save it as a draft to continue entering eshes or as a reusable template. If your setting preferences change, you can overwrite them by simply filling out the Pickup Request section and selecting the “Set as Default” button.

Off Details In the pickup details section, you can either manually enter the date you would like to have your shipment picked up, or you can use the calendar button to load in a date that you select. Estes express bill of lading can edit or update your draft by clicking the “Edit Draft” button. The Available By drop-down field indicates the time you believe your shipment will be ready for pickup on that day.


Estes Bill Of Lading – Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller

The Close At time references the time that your business will be closed or the time that your shipment will no longer be available for pickup on the day that you have selected. Any exceptions to these provisions will be estes express bill of lading in specific pricing sxpress or contracts to apply to individual Estes express bill of lading customers. If you have multiple pickups where the information stays the same, you may prefer to simply save the pickup request information into expgess templates.

Estes Forwarding Worldwide Waybill. Reference numbers are added or removed in sets of 4.

Keep in mind that you can schedule a pickup up to 30 days in advance. You ldaing select a BOL Draft from the list by clicking the radio button next to the report you want to access.

This information will allow us to make the proper arrangements for your shipment prior to arriving at your location. Use our convenient online tools to track shipments, get rate quotes, calculate transit times and more! The exporter works estes express bill of lading with the Mexico Customs broker who prepares the pedimento and sends it to the U.

Filter the Information Using Specific Text. Required for all northbound shipments originating in Mexico. This is where you’ll find all of the instructions and forms you’ll need for shipping with Estes.