The Mystery Method has ratings and reviews. The digital era of Casanova wannabes spawns one Erik von Markovik into fame, as the illustrious. Welcome to the Official Mystery Method Website. video content, recorded directly from private seminars taught by Erik von Markovik (aka “mystery”) – the star of. The Mystery Method by Erik von Markovik, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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A blueprint book, which gives insight into one of the first PUA, and the advices may be little outdated, all ghe the modern PUA tactics have its roots from this mystedy. But at the same time, so fascinating I actually stayed up late into the night reading it. For the guys interested in this subject As such, there’s not a whole lot a woman could take from this about how to attract men. The author suggests you approach 16 women markobik groups of women per night and do it four nights per week.

This is definitely a book that should be re-read to be able to know the steps and protocols and not to mention being able to practice the methods.

After learning about “negging” by watching the TV show Silicon Valleymy boyfriend let me know that there is a whole group of pick-up artists who have a whole thhe for bedding pretty much any woman and that it includes “negs. It might be good if you want to be better at approaching women, I’d suggest reading it.

The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed by Mystery

Mystery taught and then befriended the writer Neil Strausswho became Mystery’s wingman and eventually a mentor in the seduction community.


All that being said, I still find the Mystery Method to be the best of all the dating systems out there. For the most part, I think his methods are fine. I have no doubt they’re effective and I think that men being a bit more wise to what women are looking for namely, high social value is helpful to both men and women.

However, the company continued to grow, and was adding a dozen new trainers until the end ofwhen Mystery left to found his own company, called Venusian Arts. And it goes without saying that MM entirely glosses over the concept of ‘individual female personalities’.

The characters are philanderers, gigolos, wannabes, braggarts, and every dysfunctional category in between. I guess it must work, but it seems so false.

Erik von Markovik

A book full of psychology tactics that can be learnt only if used in the field. The New York Times.

What makes the book so exciting is that Mystery markovvik a totally different approach to women. This book is not essential and I believe it will be phased out in a few years. The book won’t make that decision for you. I never saw Mystery’s show meghod the only experience I have with him and his method is this very book. Perhaps we never formulated these principles into diagrams and step-by-step procedures; but yeah I think most of us knew about simple techniques like ‘ask open-ended questions’.

But individuality is simply buried in the section about “be the best person you can be, re-invent yourself along these lines, present yourself to best-effect, don’t retain old, bad habits”.


While reading this I feel that this is really learning to demonstrate one’s own high value. Not so ham-handed, so clumsy. The basic theories of the book are soundly grounded in recognized psychological and evolutionary theory. Mystery exploded onto the underground pickup and seduction scene in the late s with his groundbreaking contributions to the art, and he was the first pickup instructor to offer live, in-field training.

It really has very useful tips for dating, very recomended! Erik Von Markovik born September 24,more popularly known by his stage name, Mysteryis a Canadian pickup artist who developed a system of attracting women called The Mystery Method which gained him attention in the PUA community. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mar 14, Mitul Mundra rated it really liked it.

From a marketing perspective, it’s pretty good. That one time when Mystery was really famous. I wasn’t really sure how rate this because it is offensive and disturbing for obvious reasons. But he also assumes that the reader lives in a large city with an inexhaustible supply of “targets. Sep 18, Amni rated it liked it. That would be awful!

However, his desire to love and be loved by women prompted him to go clubbing every night, practicing and testing various ways to implement social interactions with people. He must be able to get any girl he wants. nystery