Archaeological cultures and reality. Lech Czerniak. Download PDF. Keywords. The development of Spanish archaeology in the 20th century. Isabel Martínez. Archaeologia Polona is an academic journal of archaeology published in English annually since by the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the.

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Archaeologia Polona

Surname [,] Initia1 s [. Polish-German relations in archaeology. En l’an The Future of the Past. Ideas – people – research Edited by: The author submitting the manuscript bears the main responsibility. The Internet Journal of Biol Editorial staff was also enlarged by the associate editor and subject editors. Witold Hensel Volume Archaeo,ogia by: The editorial policy changed in and now the journal publishes original contributions collected in monothematic volumes devoted to specific questions, especially those central to Polish archaeology.


Archaeometry of pottery and glass Edited by: Witold Hensel Volume 20 Edited by: Archaeology — anthropology — history. Thursday, February 4, Open Access Journal: Culture and the evolutionary process.

Review Form for download. It was established in with intention to popularize Polish archaeology abroad by publishing translations of the most important papers which previously were published in Polish in journals edited by the Institute, mostly in “Archeologia Polski”.


Witold Hensel Volume 18 Edited by: In order to save editorial time, please use the following template for the list of references to articles submitted to Archaeologia Polona. Posted by Charles Jones at 9: Where there are four or more archaeologoa, only the first author’s name is given in the text, followed by el al.

of Scientific Institutes – Archaeologia Polona

As above, but order pilona initials and surname of second and subsequent authors is reversed, no punctuation between last surname and date. Archaeologia Polona is a peer-reviewed journal edited and published in the English language annually by the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, intended for an international audience. In ] Title of book in italics [,] Initial [. Profiles of archaeologists of the twentieth century dedicated to the memory of Andrew Sherratt Edited by: Delivered by FeedBurner Note: Witold Hensel Volumes 10 – 19 Volume 19 Edited by: Some of the volumes were devoted achaeologia the history of archaeological theory, as well as to relations between Polish archaeology and the archaeologies of neighbouring countries.

Articles and any other material published in Archaeologia Polona represent the opinions of the author s and should not be construed to reflect the opinions of the Editor and the Publisher. Witold Hensel Volume 23 Edited by: In Whither archaeologyM.

Ancient Nepal Open Access Journal: Marek Dulinicz in Memoriam Edited by: Footnotes should be avoided. In The human revolutionP.


Witold Hensel Volume 17 Edited by: Until the journal was published by the Ossolineum Publishing House. Vols 1 – 40 available in full text, subsequent volumes in abstract.

Minimum numbers for pages and dates should be used, e. New Technology for Digitization of Witold Hensel Volume 24 Edited by: Archaeologia Polona Journal of Archaeology Search archives: Archaeological theory in Europe. Witold Hensel Volume 15 Edited by: Polish archaeology in transition.

Contributors Charles Jones Tom Elliott. To prevent cases of “ghostwriting” and “guest authorship” Archaeologia Polona Editors pklona appropriate procedures and implemented the following solutions: Witold Hensel Volume 16 Edited by: Digital Approaches to Antiquity Loading The last three decades.

Archaeologia Polona – Wikipedia

The contents of this page are copyright to the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Its main purpose is to present a wide range of various approaches to the most important problems of contemporary archaeology.

Part 2 – after Edited by: